Capt. Brian McGee,
Commander of Community Outreach
                      Fulton County Sheriff's Office Explorers

The goal of the Explorer Program is to provide a unique opportunity for young adults ranging in ages from 14 to 18 years old to explore a career in law enforcement. The program originally founded by the Boy Scouts of America, is chartered by the Fulton County Sheriff's Office. The Explorer Program integrates the participants into the workforce of the Fulton County Sheriff's Office to allow them greater exposure to the day-to-day operations of actual law enforcement activities. This integration will occur on a one-on-one basis through meetings, special details, ride alongs, and other activies.

The goal of the Explorer program is to teach and train students  to grow up as future leaders for their generation in helping to improve the community. The explorers participated in several community services activities including the Homeless Initiative. They attend weekly sessions at the Training Center to take instruction from the Community Outreach Staff covering different topics.

Explorers are always eager to learn.  There are opportunities to explore different career paths in law enforcement.

The Explorer program gives cadets an opportunity to learn self defense just like active deputies learn in mandate courses. This is just one example of how Explorers are able to learn skills that officers utilize on an day-to-day basis.

In classes, the staff teaches the Explorers various lessons which involve the  responsibilities of leadership and teamwork.   The instructors designate students to serve as sergeants and in other supervisory roles to gain experience as a leader.

Requirements to be an Explorer

  1. Be a citizen of United States.
  2. Ages 14-18 & currently enrolled in high school.
  3. Pass school classes & maintained GPA of 2.5 or higher.
  4. Ability to pass a background investigation.
  5. Have no criminal arrests or detainment which may be grounds for dismissal or rejection from the program.
  6. Have no physical defects that would cause injury to the Explorers or others.
  7. Undergo an oral interview by the adviser, or his/her designee.