Law Enforcement Division

Warrant Information

Phone number:


Warrants status information is not available by phone; subject of warrant must come to the FCSO located in the Fulton County Courthouse or the Fulton County Jail to receive warrant information. Warrant status information provided to subject of warrant only and proper photo ID is required to received warrant status information.

Sex Offender Information

Please call: 404-612-9130 


Fees & Services

Cash or U.S. Postal Money Order only payable to:

Fulton County Sheriff’s Office


Background Checks         $15.00

Record Restrictions         $20.00 per charge

Civil Paper Service

In State                        $50.00

Out of State                $53.00

Subpoena Service

In State                       $10.00

Out of State                $11.00


For Foreign Papers:

(404) 612-3681


For Fulton Superior Court Papers

(404) 612-2861