News from the Sheriff:

Newly Promoted Officers


On February 27, 2013, the newest members of the Fulton County Sheriff's Office to be promoted were recognized at a special ceremony held at the Fulton County Jail.  Family members and friends of the  honorees were invited to participate in the ceremony that included the exchange of badges and insignia representing the old rank for new badges, stripes, and epaulets symbolizing the new rank earned.  Sheriff Ted Jackson and Chief Deputy Jimmy Carter presented the honorees with certifications of promotion. 

Major R. Wingfield was recognized along with 3 new Detention Lieutenants and 5 Detention Sergeants.  The rank for the Detention Lieutenants and Detention Sergeants are new categories available which was  a critical initiative by Sheriff Jackson to allow Detention Officers to have the same rank structure as deputies.  This is creating an enhanced career path for these employees.

Please congratulate:

Major R. Wingfield

Detention Lieutenant S. McWilliams

Detention Lieutenant L. Lane

Detention Lieutenant M. Arnold

Detention Sergeant J. Climpson

Detention Sergeant L. Holiday

Detention Sergeant N. Gipson

Detention Sergeant D. Bowie